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Creative Decks & Landscaping in Green Bay features "More Plantings is Less Maintenance"

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Less plantings within a landscape bed does not mean less maintenance and less work. In contrary - more plant material placed in the right places aid in root protection, less weed development, and a more natural appearance. More is More.

GREEN BAY, Wis. - March 11, 2019 - eTradeWire -- Piet Oudolf is a world renowned landscape designer - who uses extensive perennials and drift planting techniques to create a beautiful color palette within the landscape. Above is an example of what heavy planting can accomplish. This is a great technique for around a patio, pool, deck, pergola, or cabana.

"Structure is the most important component in a successful planting; color is too, but it is a secondary consideration." - Piet Oudolf

Creative Decks & Landscaping in Green Bay's landscape designer Roxy Kallatsa has personally tutored with Piet Oudolf in the ways of 'wave/drift' planting - and has been certified with his technique. A perfect mix of Wisconsin native and non-native perennials; as well as shrubbery and evergreen balance makes for a unique yet alluring design.

Go out of your comfort zone and scrap the American misconception "less is more".

For many years home owners have been installing landscapes with plantings 2' apart at full growth, suffocating weed barrier, and hard stones to dress beds. Within a few years - they find themselves weeding their stone "weed free" beds - and replacing perennials or shrubs yearly. Every season as organic matter blows into a landscape bed, soil is formed underneath decorative stone and on top of weed barrier. Inches of soil can accumulate in just a few years depending on the amount of debris that has made its way into your landscape bed. Weed barrier only prevents weeds from emerging underneath; but the soil above the barrier is a great host for weeds. Keep your beds clean with consistent maintenance (work) - and you may prevent those weeds from invading.

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Keeping plant material so far apart also creates more work for the homeowner; as well as takes away from the beauty of the plant itself. Scatter plants are wonderful ways to add sources of color - but without a filler texture - it does quite the opposite. The 'man made' look of too much empty space is controlled and barren. The closer plantings are to one another; the deeper the mauve, the brighter the purples, and the cooler the root systems are. More plants mean less weeds, means less weeding.

Initially, mulching new beds is a necessity to keep new root systems protected by holding moisture, keeping roots cool, insulating during cold seasons, and holding off weed development while infant plantings are still establishing. Eventually as the infant plants become mature in size and robust in strength - mulching is unnecessary. What you'll also notice is that since the plant bed is full of your beautiful planned perennials - it gives weeds little to no chance to infiltrate.

It is our job at Creative Decks & Landscaping to inform, educate, deliver, and inspire our clients. Our passion for people, quality of products, and superior craftsmanship, is what sets us apart from the rest. Call today for a quote for your next landscape or deck project! We'd love to hear form you!

Creative Decks & Landscaping offers premier landscaping and deck services. Call today for a free quote on your next paver patio, retaining wall, garden design, plantings, deck, pergola, or pool house. Any of your outdoor needs; Creative Decks and Landscaping can provide!

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