Coronavirus to overtake Fukushima 311 radiation worries for 2020 Tokyo Olympics

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Add Coronavirus threats to the enduring aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster and you have serious health questions surrounding Japan's 2020 Olympics

NEW YORK - eTradeWire -- Coronavirus is poised to close 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games warns author Col. Walter T. Richmond who stated, "I wrote 'Fukushima 311' to warn people, especially athletes and attendees, that radioactive health dangers in Japan following Fukushima's nuclear plant disaster should be looked into far more deeply than what the Japanese government was doing. Now, with the addition of the Coronavirus threat, I fear the Olympics in Tokyo are done."

Richmond said the Fukushima nuclear disaster unleashed the largest amount of radioactive material ever historically discharged into the ocean and "what's worse, it continues to this very day. But Coronavirus could overshadow all of this."

With the 2020 Olympics Games featuring ballgames played in Fukushima, Richmond asked "what plans are there to keep visitors healthy? Because health complications from radiation exposure often show up years later, are attendees taking potentially lethal risks? Official sources reassure "everything's fine" but can they be trusted? They've not been very transparent in the past…"

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Addressing apologists, Richmond said "Blaming high thyroid-cancer rates solely on aggressive examinations is "baffling."

The truth, Richmond says, may be grounded more in economics than safety concerns. "It's about money. Radiation is really bad for business and tourism. Is the Japanese government simply hoping that everything will blow over since the 2020 Olympics is a critical economic and morale booster?"

"Since health effects and cancers from nuclear radiation exposure can take years to manifest," warned Richmond, "chances are people won't get sick immediately, if ever. But why would anyone roll the dice? The research we did for this book paints a very disturbing radioactive picture compared to the marketing hype and lullabies coming out of Japan."

Richmond stressed, "Who can you trust or believe? The Japanese Olympic Committee president resigned amid corruption allegations. You need an impartial international group of nuclear radiation experts, not beholding to the Japanese government, to certify the radioactive health safety of the facilities and anywhere else people will be eating and staying. No amount of radiation is healthy. If they get Coronavirus under control before the Olympic Games - great. But I hope someone gets this message to the athletes, the US Olympic Team, and all the others, so that they can jointly ask for thorough and impartial radioactivity-danger testing. At least then one can make a more informed decision on whether it's worth participating… based on hard scientific data not marketing hype..."

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FUKUSHIMA 311: Is the enduring aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster killing off the Earth? by Col. Walter T. Richmond available at Amazon

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