Coronavirus Injected Into Cats Killing Cats

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Coronavirus injected into cats killing cats

Scientists are injecting coronavirus into cats to see how long it takes coronavirus to kills cats.

Scientists who let the research says it show the need for more coronavirus testings on cats.

University of Wisconsin school of veterinary medicine led the lab experiment and published results in the new england journal of medicine.

Federal grants paid for the work.

Researchers take coronavirus as called covid 19 from human patients and infects cats on purpose with coronavirus.

Each cat that was infected with coronavirus is then placed in a cage with another that has been tested negative for coronavirus.

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Within 5 days coronavirus is found in all newly exposed cats.

There was no sneezing, no coughing, they never had a high body temperature or lost any weight, if a pet owner looked at them... They would never noticed anything.

Help stop coronavirus testings on cats.

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