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CHICAGO - eTradeWire -- The song is all about getting back to nature. Steve wrote it on the way back from the mountains just quoting the experiences he saw. The work is referred to as a ballad simply because, just like a ballad tells us a story, this song is something that Steve wrote down explaining the story of his experiences in the mountains. The artist says that he wrote the song in 20 minutes. Well, this reminds me of a story of another artist, a painter.  A lady asked the painter to draw a portrait of her. The artist makes a perfect portrait capturing the essence of her character in the sketch. The lady asks the artist how much does she owe him to which he replies, 5000 francs. On enquiring that it took the artist only 5 minutes, the artist replies, "No madam, it took me my whole life".

So, when the artist says that he took only 20 minutes to write the song, we can be assured that he has given his life for the 20 minutes to come up with a beautiful song. Usually, artists come up with their art when they feel like it is the right time. The timing has nothing to do with money or any commitments. That is what makes the work off an artist special.

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What makes the ballad "Colorado" special is that it was a very peaceful time in Steve's life. He just enjoyed the time watching his sons grow and focused on his songs and music away from all trouble, just dissolved in the essence of nature. This peaceful experience is exactly what the artist wants his fans to experience. Steve wants anyone who listens to this ballad to get more closer to nature, be peaceful and feel the magic of music.

The rough mix was developed in his home studio by Steve and taken to the Beaird Studios in Nashville and Encore studios in his hometown for perfection. Developing the rough mix was surely worth it, the song received 91/100 pop-score in September 2019.

Colorado, the ballad is available on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon, and all other major music outlets The video is available on YouTube as well, Steve has posted the music video from his channel.

A song can never be explained in words. So, please visit any of the music outlets and relish the magic of Steve Zelik. If you are someone who wants to enjoy songs along with the video, please visit Steve's YouTube channel. You can subscribe to the YouTube channel and keep yourselves updated with Steve's music.

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