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NEW YORK - March 23, 2019 - eTradeWire -- In our top story, Amazon is pitching AI products to law enforcement / national security agencies and generating lots of controversy, reports Federal Times. While the federal government is rife with revolving door and corporate capture issues, Amazon has garnered particular focus because of the JEDI contract process and HQ2, says Emily Manna, policy analyst with Open the Government. "Amazon is less transparent than many of its rivals" says Manna. "... (and they work) very hard to stymie public records requests."

Meanwhile, complex AI systems are currently virtually immune to oversight because of the lack of explainability, reports C4ISRNET. The fact that much of this work is being carried out by private contractors like Amazon, Google, and other smaller firms harms transparency. Private companies don't have nearly the same transparency requirements as government agencies, so a lot of the information about these contracts is protected as "trade secrets."

In other news, The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Office of Inspector General (OIG) believes that the agency violated the Federal Records Act when it destroyed an employee's notes that documented a security report of EPA's cloud service provider, reports Meritalk. Assistant Inspector General Kevin Christensen accused EPA of that violation in a March 8 memorandum to EPA Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Holly Greaves. OIG requested a report that assessed the security of the agency's cloud service provider environment, as well as an Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO) report that audited EPA Budget Formulation System (BFS) information system security controls.

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Turning to another interesting blurb, The City of Los Angeles' IT infrastructure will undergo a major transition, moving from its LA-based mainframe to the California Department of Technology's (CDT) state data centre in Sacramento. "The move to migrate away from our 30-year old legacy system to the state's secure, cloud-based environment will greatly improve our ability to serve and protect the people of Los Angeles" said Ted Ross, information technology agency (ITA) general manager for the city of Los Angeles (LA). The IT shift is part of a three-year, $10.5M contract to modernise technology services and state.

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In other news, tight integration is the key to maintaining secure digital systems, reports InfoQ. "If systems are not correctly talking between one another" says the site. "... then there is a higher risk of a security gap that could lead to a data breach or cyberattack." When the U.S. federal government included a cloud strategy as a main pillar in its IT modernization plan, it was a sign that cloud computing and storage is now the new norm. Unsurprisingly, private organizations beat them to the punch, many of whom have been migrating existing applications (or developing new cloud-ready ones) to the cloud for years.

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And lastly, McAfee has released MVISION Cloud for Microsoft Teams, a comprehensive security and compliance integration for Teams, and an extension to the already available comprehensive security solution that McAfee MVISION Cloud has for Microsoft Office 365. This solution complements Team's capabilities by using a frictionless API-based cloud-native approach that allows IT teams to seamlessly enforce data loss prevention (DLP) policies and collaboration controls, contextual access control, address threats from insiders and compromised accounts, audit all user activity and secure corporate data as users collaborate in the cloud.

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