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Citygate Tackling The Homelessness Crisis

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Citygate are now looking to close the gap in the demand for Social Housing and Assisted Living Properties.

HOLBORN, U.K. - eTradeWire -- Councils nationwide are determined that all tenants should have the security of a safe, well-maintained home. Due to an aging population, an increase in homelessness and other factors including the cost of living crisis - the demand for Social and Assisted Living properties has been on the up.

A recent study has shown that 104,510 households were in temporary accommodation on March 31st, 2023, up 10% from the same time last year. The number of single households in temporary accommodation rose 9.6% from the same time last year to 39,570. The number of households with children also increased by more than 10%, year on year, to 64,950.* Source*

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Citygate focuses on the acquisition, packaging and fitting-to-standard of units suitable for Social Housing and Assisted Living requirements. Citygate is currently inviting sophisticated, qualified and high-net-worth individuals to joint ventures in providing a solution to the Social Housing demand and helping to fulfil the needs of Councils and Housing Associations throughout England and Wales. Working with partners will mean an increase in the number of units Citygate can develop and provide at an accelerated rate and hope to have a significant impact on the number of people currently living in subpar, temporary accommodation.

In response to these pressing requirements, Citygate has formulated a strategic approach to address the dearth of suitable housing. Our strategy encompasses innovative financing models, collaborations with local authorities, and the adoption of cutting-edge building technologies to swiftly augment the supply of high-calibre social and assisted living dwellings.

To find out more information on the current issues we face, please visit the below articles.

Social Housing Needs

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Our objective extends beyond merely furnishing housing; we aim to cultivate communities. We recognise that a home represents more than a physical structure; it embodies a haven where individuals and families can experience security, support, and a sense of belonging. Consequently, our properties are designed with the residents' welfare at the forefront, incorporating features that enhance accessibility, sustainability, and community engagement.

The investment opportunities presented by Citygate offer not only potential financial returns but also a pathway to effectuate a meaningful societal impact. Collaborating with us provides investors a pivotal role in addressing some of the most pressing social challenges of our era.

For additional information on investment opportunities and our ventures, please visit our website. To engage with our team directly, contact us here. Join us in forging a future where everyone has a place to call home.

Thomas Parsons

Source: Citygate Housing LTD

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