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Christ-Centered Business Appears to Actually Advocate for Divorce

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Female Faith-based company CEO appears to advocate for divorce among Christians

GREENSBORO, N.C. - eTradeWire -- Amanda Nicole is the CEO of an online school called Freedom Through Divorce (https://www.freedomthroughdivorce.com/). Her faith-based company offers personal development courses for Christian women who are considering or recovering from divorce. At first glance, it actually appears that the company advocates for divorce which is generally frowned up in the Christian faith. Yet it seems like Ms. Nicole has made a business out of advocating for the practice, though she claims to be a believer.

When asked why she advocates for divorce, she responds, "The bible is clear that man cannot separate what God has joined together. But religion has then taken that a step further to assume that ALL marriages are ones that God has put together. That just simply isn't true. There are demonic counterfeits to everything that God creates, and marriage is no exception. It's not that I advocate for divorce, I advocate for women of God to participate in the plan and purpose of God for their lives. When we get ourselves in toxic and demonic counterfeit marriages, then we step outside of the plan of God for our lives; unfortunately, it can take divorce to get us back on track. Staying in these counterfeit marriages causes us to forfeit the marriage that God chose for us, and condemn ourselves to lives of abuse, dysfunction, heartache, and pain, and worse to condemn our children to childhoods of the same fate. I simply seek to advocate for showing broken and hurting women of God trapped in abusive and dysfunctional 'marriages', that there is a better way."

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The concept sounds unique. Just taking a look at her social media, this does seem to be a large issue in the Christian community. Christian women are signing up for her school at a very high rate, and her students have a great track record of experiencing healing and personal development post-divorce. As crazy as it sounds, I'm thinking that maybe she's onto something.

Amanda Nicole (https://www.freedomthroughdivorce.com/) is a Christian woman who was in a toxic emotionally abusive marriage. After years of begging God to fix what was broken in her marriage, she looked into divorce. However, the information she found on the subject scared her into staying. Yet after 3 more years of watching her dysfunctional marriage get worse she decided to look into divorce again, this time going straight to the source. "How better to understand God's view on divorce than to ask Him yourself?" She was able to experience Freedom Through Divorce (https://www.freedomthroughdivorce.com/classes). Now she is determined to help other women do the same. (https://www.freedomthroughdivorce.com/)

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Amanda Nicole

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