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Choosing the Right Mold Testing Company

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ARCATA, Calif. - eTradeWire -- "Mold" is a word that strikes fear into the hearts of most property owners. The mere thought that your home or business could contain mold growth conjures images of armies of technicians, interminable repair schedules and mountains of cash to cover the whole thing. Worse yet, as public awareness of mold issues has increased, so has the number of unscrupulous scammers in the mold industry. It can be a tricky situation but with some education, patience and common sense, property owners can avoid the pitfalls and come through the process with a sense of confidence. It all starts with making informed decisions about whether mold growth is truly a problem in your home or business.

Over a hundred thousand different types of mold have been identified by science. Only a very few are truly "toxic" and a threat to health, but many varieties can cause allergic reactions in sensitive people. Up to 25% of the population are reportedly allergic to mold. They will experience symptoms ranging from sniffles and sore throats to blinding headaches. Even if the specific variety of mold is not overtly dangerous, a significant number of people will have health issues caused by the building's environment.

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In our opinion, if you see visible mold and can definitively identify the source of water which led to mold growth, a mold investigation isn't truly necessary. You can move directly to mitigation. The EPA states that most homeowners can handle mold cleanups if the area is less than 10 square feet, while a professional mold abatement company should be utilized if there's lots of water damage and the area of mold growth is greater than 10 square feet.

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Mold Testing
Guzi-West provides mold inspection and consulting services across northern California. If you're worried that mold may be growing in your house or business, give us a call at 888-351-8189! We'll answer any questions you have and we'll provide an accurate mold inspection to determine what kind of mold you're dealing with if you choose to hire us.


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