Characteristics of Effective ABA

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KING CITY, Ontario - eTradeWire -- ABA treatment can be extremely effective when done properly, so today we're going to talk about the characteristics that usually determine its being done properly.

1. Intensive: Typically, more than 20 hours per week

2. Early: ABA should start as early after diagnosis as possible (ideally by age 2 or 3) so that a child can maximize their gains by the time they would enter school and before they reach age 6 when IQ become relatively permanent. Also, the earlier a child starts ABA, the less learning history ABA has to compete with.

3. Developmental in sequence: ABA addresses the skills child needs a cross a wide range of developmental domains. It teacher these skills in such a way that ABA first addresses identified beginner level and prerequisite skills that are missing in each domain before proceeding to more advanced skills even when those skills are possessed by typically developing peers or the same age.

4. Individualized: Every child with autism has different behaviour excesses and deficits across as wide range of developmental domains. A "one-size-fits all" treatment is not possible as  treatment must be adopted to fit the specific needs of each child to be effective.

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5. Addresses challenging behaviours by function: A key component of any treatment based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is that it addresses challenging behaviours based on function rather than topography. In other words, when looking to see a decrease in a challenging behaviour and an increase in an appropriate one, strategies are based on why challenging behaviour occurs. (e.g., attention, access to TV, escape) rather than on what it looks like (e.g., crying or hitting).

6. Frequent and comprehensive data collection: Data are collected on all behaviours targeted for increase or decrease to identify at any given moment whether ABA programming is causing a...

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