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CEO gives tips on how remote workers can handle job pressure

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Because remote work is so popular, remote workers can feel added pressures like having to overperform to prove themselves.

AUSTIN, Texas - eTradeWire -- Having the opportunity to work remotely is a huge win for employees and employers alike. But with remote work opportunities can also come added pressure to perform, anxiety about job security and other stresses.

"According to LinkedIn, fewer than 30% of Americans are working fully remotely, and fewer than 20% are hybrid," said Joseph Boll, CEO of Remote Worker, an online jobs board and resource website for remote workers. "But, on the other hand, an overwhelming majority of Americans have said they want to work remotely. Several different, independent surveys have shown this."

Boll added, "Remote workers can feel that they almost have to overcompensate, to the point where many work beyond 40 hours per week or avoid taking sick days entirely. A lot are worried that they would be the first to be let go if the economy enters a recession and businesses start looking to cut costs."

The CEO emphasized that communication is the key to defeating "productivity paranoia" — a new buzzword coined by Microsoft's CEO that refers to coworkers' suspicion over how much a worker is actually getting done each day, whether they work in-office or not. He reminded remote workers that their bosses and teammates may not be able to physically stop by their desks to see stacks of paper or gauge how stressed out they look. Instead, he said remote workers should communicate what projects they're working on and what projects they've completed, so that everyone is on the same page. He added that they could even compile brief but detailed reports that can be discussed with the team.

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"But it's also important to not get discouraged," Boll said. "Many remote workers feel like they're at a disadvantage when it comes to promotions, and that they'll be passed over for colleagues who work in-person. But a Robert Half study found that more than 80% of managers feel remote employees still get equal opportunity when it comes to a raise or promotion. So, don't give up. Keep doing your best and showing the proof in the pudding and you can't lose out."


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