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Supernatural Myths & Legends Come to Life in Historical Fantasy Novel "Dusk"

PEKIN, Ill. - eTradeWire -- Arcane Ink Publishing LLC is proud to release a new novel, "Dusk," from Rey Clark or Amazon which has already received a 2020 Editor's Pick Award from HUGEOrange.

Dusk is the debut novel in the Runemaster Saga, a historical urban fantasy showcasing magical realism and a love of mythology and folklore from around the world.

In the chaotic aftermath of Pearl Harbor and a nation on edge, there are more pressing matters than a potential mainland strike. Mira discovers she's no ordinary young woman, and there is more to the world than the war in Europe. There is a war fought everyday on the streets of Chicago; between monsters and immortal protectors.

An intuitive fusion of Norse and Greek mythology, Christianity, Louisiana Voodoo, and Germanic folklore paints a diverse story with compelling characters.

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Dusk establishes a sense of magical realism lurking beneath the surface of history. What if historic events are shaped by myths and legends pulling the strings of fate in the background? What if all the stories are real? What if monsters are real?

Editorial Review from HUGEOrange

Well written fantasy is a guilty pleasure and Dusk doesn't disappoint.  From the start, you are thrown into the main character Mira and her adventures.  The author does a great job building tension between Mira and her want to be good and her bloodline of demons.  It sets up great storytelling, and Rey Clark takes full advantage of the opportunities presented.

If you love demons, vampires and the supernatural, this is a great read.  You're going to have a blast from this well-written first book in what will surely be an epic series.

Indies Today 5-Star Editorial Review

A fast-paced tale that whimsically hearkens a bygone era where gods and monsters do battle. Witches and werewolves and wizards, oh my!

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About the Author

Rey Clark composes literary works of Fantasy and Science Fiction for adult and middle-grade audiences. Previous published works include: The Path of Ascension Trilogy: Flames of Valor (2016), Fire Forged (2018), & Inferno Rising (2019); Titan Code Series: Dawn of Genesis (2018) Cygnus Award Finalist 2019, Age of Redemption (2020), & Final Legacy (est. 2021); Legends Chronicles: Legends of the Vale (2018) Gertrude Warner Finalist 2019, Legends of the Weirded Ways (est. 2020), Legends of the Phoenix Flame (est. 2021). Dusk is the debut book for the Runemaster Saga: Dusk (2020), Fate (est. 2021), & Glory (est. 2022)

If you want to know when her next book will come out, please visit her website at https://reyclark.com/, or follow on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

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