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Can you wearing wigs everyday?

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HOLLYWOOD, Fla. - eTradeWire -- With the colorful display of wigs on various social media, wigs are more and more accepted by people, and will be used as a fashion symbol.
Many people want to wear wigs every day because of some external or internal factors. At the same time, some questions also arise. Can wigs be worn every day? Follow Papayahair to discuss the answer for you.

What is the wig made of? Will it be comfortable to wear every day?
There are two types of wigs on the market, synthetic wigs and human hair wigs. They themselves do not cause any discomfort or irritation to the skin. It should be noted that the glue used when installing the wig contains chemical auxiliary tools.

How is the wig structure and comfort performance?
The composition of the wig is a combination of a wig cap and some lace.The lace part of the lace wig is handmade. This kind of wig with lace will be more breathable, will not cause stuffiness, and is suitable for sensitive scalp.

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The other is open weft with a solid top hair cap, the top is made by machine, this kind of wig is also breathable and comfortable. Advantages in price and lace wigs.

Is it safe to wear them?
Earlier we mentioned that wigs are safe for the body and skin. Wearing a wig for a long time can be supported. It is important to keep the wig and natural hair clean.
Wearing a wig for a long time will make the scalp under the wig sweat, itching or sensitive. It is necessary to clean the wig regularly and wash your hair frequently. You can rinse off stains, bacteria, sweat stains, etc.

It is also recommended to buy multiple wigs and replace them. Just like the shoes you wear every day, you don't wear the same pair of shoes every day.
Buy wigs of different colors and types, which can be used with different clothes and occasions.
Another advantage is to extend the service life of the wig. Save your wallet

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