Businessman, Podcast Host & Model, Acy Brown, Launches New Apparel Line "Peace is Priceless"

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New Athleisure Apparel Line shines a spotlight on self-care!

RUSTON, La. - eTradeWire -- Louisiana-based businessman has his sights on building his empire with viable success strategies and a venerable brand. Acy Brown has worked hard to achieve the level of success that he has attained over the years. His business acumen paired with his dogged determination to excel have propelled him to the next level!

The cornerstones of the Acy Brown Company are comprised of 3 main components: The Man•The Model•The Mission.

The Man himself is an Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Model, Actor, Fitness Influencer, and Brand Ambassador. His greatest attributes are his attention to detail, having the ability to focus during adversity, displaying expertise in chosen areas of interest, and versatility!

The Model of the Acy Brown Company is centered around the foundation and relationship with his family! The personality of his brand is Athletic and Wholesome!

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The Mission of the Acy Brown Company is to Inform, Inspire, and Motivate others to reach their full potential with the goals and dreams they aspire to achieve in life!

Mr. Brown's latest endeavor, "Peace is Priceless", is the culmination of his love of fitness, wellness and entrepreneurship. He is wholeheartedly committed to being a beacon of light in the midst of the darkness that we are experiencing as a Nation--as well as our Global community, in general. As such, Acy recently collaborated with Sharon Nicole of Magnolia Blends, LLC ( to design the inspirational "PEACE IS PRICELESS" signature clothing pieces for his Pyramid Collection Athleisurewear line.

When people ask where the inspiration for the new design originated, Acy states "I wanted to create a piece that not only represents a part of my brand from a material standpoint but also symbolizes my brand from a spiritual standpoint that encompasses the mind, body, and soul!" Inspiration, Hope and Self-Care are catalysts for driving Acy's brand forward during these challenging times!

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While dealing with the ramifications brought on by the Covid-19 Pandemic, Acy has continued to lean on his value system and never lost focus on being creative, forward thinking, and proactive in growing his brand.

"PEACE IS PRICELESS because when you have inner peace, it means you are in a place where you do not worry and have accepted the fact it's ok to not have all the answers!  Having Peace amidst the struggles and confusion in life and living in Peace and Harmony among each other is truly what is meant by PEACE IS PRICELESS!", concluded Acy.

Even though Acy Brown is a veteran in the industry—He's just getting started! Learn more about Acy and his Peace is Priceless athleisure line at

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