Breach Force: CyberSec Teams Look to Advanced Tools and Capabilities to Prevent Cyber Attacks

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NEW YORK - eTradeWire -- Everyday criminals steal, disrupt and destroy networks and systems across the globe. Let's get real, attacks are not only increasing in quantity, but quality too, as attackers are continually establishing convenient beach heads to cause further havoc.

In fact, most cybersecurity experts believe we have long past a "prevention-only" world. Information security needs to get "proactive" for companies to better protect themselves. While a strong digital perimeter remains an essential cybersecurity feature, it can't stop every cyber attack. Without some kind of analytical component to your cybersecurity, hackers could easily gain the upper hand.

But did you know Cyber Sec teams are already thinking proactively? Increasingly, they are taking the fight to attackers. Literally, every company and IT team should consider this strategy too.

But what next-gen security analytics should form the core of your cybersecurity rallying cry? Thanks to our friends at Solutions Review dot com we have a nice clean list of four advanced capabilities your cybersec team should explore.

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1. Continuous Threat Intelligence: Ideally, your cybersecurity solution should provide your IT security team with up-to-date threat intelligence. Every business, including yours, faces distinct cybersecurity threats, based on their industry-vertical and size. Therefore, you need to properly prepare your IT environment against those threats in particular—impossible without the right knowledge. Your security analytics should provide your enterprise with continuous threat intelligence, optimally from multiple feeds and sources. In fact, without good threat intelligence, you can't expect optimal performance from your security analytics.

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2. Facilitated Threat Hunting: Next-generation security analytics actually helps pave the wave for effective and proactive threat hunting. Threat hunting allows your IT security team to pursue cyber attackers throughout the network. Threat hunters can use alerts generated by your next-generation security analytics to find threats even faster. Security analytics can process the log data and activity events from throughout your network, and correlate it to find potential breaches. Then it generates an alert with context for possible investigation and sends it to the team. With this information in hand, hunters may catch the scent of their prey even faster than before.

3. Improved Network Visibility: Network visibility forms such an essential part of modern cybersecurity, no InfoSec article could possibly overstate its importance. As your IT environment scales, it incorporates more databases, digital assets, applications, users, and potentially locations (such as cloud servers). Each addition creates the possibility of an area going "dark" or becoming invisible to legacy detection capabilities. Cases exist in which enterprise lost track of critical databases until after a hacker infiltrated it. Next-generation security analytics solves this issue by improving visibility into the IT environment.

4. Visualization and Machine Learning: Machine learning can significantly reduce the burden on your IT security team by automating security workflows, detection, and correlation. While it does require regular evaluation and maintenance for optimal performance, it can provide much of contextualization and investigation legwork automatically.

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Networks are under siege. There's a seemingly endless array of attackers trying to infiltrate, compromise, and steal data. A good cybersecurity posture should be proactive. It is best practice to monitor for suspicious or malicious activity and identify threats before they become full-blown attacks or data breaches. Waiting until the damage is done shouldn't be your only option.

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