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Boston Area Oom Yung Doe Martial Arts Schools Host the Master Level Teaching Team

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Boston Area Oom Yung Doe Martial Arts Schools Host the Master Level Teaching Team

Boston, MA, September 21, 2023. Boston Oom Yung Doe traditional martial arts schools held a
series of seminars this past week taught by a Chong Sa Bu, or traditional martial arts master.
Reaching the position of Chong Sa Bu is rare, and having an opportunity to learn from a teacher
of this level is unusual in the United States.

The Master-Level Teaching Team taught predominantly what are referred to as Traditional
Martial Arts Chung Hyungs (forms). These forms are fully balanced sequences of key
movements that can help anyone of any age or condition improve energy, strength, skill,
confidence, and more. Through this kind of practice, one can quickly improve mind and body
harmony and in turn, quality of life.

"We're grateful to learn from the Master team of instructors. This level of traditional training is
one of the primary reasons we've been voted the best martial arts school in Boston, and why we

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are invited each year to demonstrate traditional martial arts on the main stage at Chinatown's
August Moon festival," stated Jonathan Goode, a 5th Degree Black Belt. Jonathan, along with
his wife Sasha, who is a 3rd Degree Black Belt, are Oom Yung Doe instructors and school
owners with locations in Everett and Somerville, Massachusetts. They both attended the
training, along with numerous other instructors and students of all experience levels.

Traditional martial arts are not the same as contemporary martial arts like MMA or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Traditional martial arts have been carefully passed down via specific lineages for
centuries. The main goal of traditional martial arts practice is to develop harmony of the mind
and body, and use that increased strength to accomplish more in life, both personally and
professionally. Self defense is a key component of traditional martial arts, but the techniques
emphasize defense against invisible attacks (e.g. stress, illness) in addition to defense against a
visible attacker.

Oom Yung Doe schools teach eight complete martial arts together as one, and the training

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system features the opportunity to learn from several different levels of instructors, including a
Master Level Teaching Team.


Oom Yung Doe is a 1500 year line of traditional martial arts and has been taught in the United
States for over 50 years in schools throughout the country. Brought to the U.S. by the 8th
Generation Grandmaster of the Oom Yung line, Grandmaster Iron Kim, Oom Yung Doe is
unique in that it teaches eight complete martial arts styles together as one and utilizes a 4-Level
Training System. The training features the opportunity to learn from several different levels of instructors, including local instructors, regional level instructors, national level instructors, and a Master Level Teaching Team. Learning directly from a true traditional martial arts Master, or
Chong Sa Bu, is rare in East Asia let alone the United States. It is one of the fastest ways to
develop remarkable levels of skill and ability and mind body harmony.

For more information contact Ben Zaroukian at 517-648-1259 or visit www.oomyungdoe-ne.com

Sasha Craine

Source: Oom Yung Doe
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