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Bintel Partners with Wildfire Analytics Athena Intelligence

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Bintel Introduces Dynamic Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPP), Leveraging Athena Intelligence's Conditional Risk Assessment Maps

BROOMFIELD, Colo. - eTradeWire -- Bintel, a leading provider in geospatial intelligence solutions, is delighted to announce the launch of comprehensive Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) project services across the western United States. Collaborating with Athena Intelligence and integrating their advanced conditional, artificial intelligence, wildfire risk assessment tool, Bintel aims to assist communities in wildfire risk management and mitigation strategies.

As wildfires continue to pose significant threats to communities and ecosystems, the need for proactive mitigation measures has never been greater. Bintel is committed to utilizing its geospatial platform to enhance the safety and lives of people throughout the Rocky Mountain region. To expedite CWPP projects, Bintel offers CWPP writing services integrated with Athena Intelligence's wildfire risk assessment combined with wildfire experts, providing a holistic approach to wildfire management.

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These CWPPs are not merely static reports but dynamic, long-term resiliency plans designed to inform mitigation decisions and suppression efforts. Bintel's plans will evolve with changing conditions by integrating geospatial intelligence (Bintel Maps (https://maps.bintel.io/o/bintelinc/maps/Fire_and_Infrastructure/view)) with data maintenance procedures and periodic updates, creating a Living CWPP.  Thus, this effort is not lost to the archives but serves as a dynamic and fully transparent platform to support public education, project tracking, emergency management and enhanced suppression response.

What Sets CWPPs by Bintel Apart:

Conditional & Geospatial Intelligence:
Bintel Inc. is a leading provider of geospatial intelligence solutions.  By developing dynamic CWPPs, Bintel is eliminating the need for redundant GIS expense by creating a Living CWPP that adapts with evolving conditions.

Resilience: CWPPs from Bintel are not just static reports but comprehensive, long-term resiliency plans. Living CWPPs link to rural utilities, watersheds, and city disaster planning, when these organizations' mitigation actions are monitored through Bintel's mapping and Athena's wildfire risk assessment.

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Engagement: Bintel engages experienced wildfire fighters, from the region, to assist with the writing of the CWPPs.  Additional insights from fire departments, environmental organizations, local officials, and residents, are incorporated into the risk mitigation plan fostering collaboration and buy-in.

Military Partnership: Bintel's team includes a retired Army intelligence expert who will facilitate collaboration with military bases, enhancing the effectiveness of CWPPs in high-risk areas adjacent to bases.

Commenting on the collaboration with Athena, Tom Marsh, CEO of Bintel, stated, "Athena's expertise in geospatial intelligence aligns perfectly with our mission to provide comprehensive CWPP solutions. Together, we aim to provide location-specific, cost-efficient wildfire risk assessments that will assist mitigation efforts throughout the western US."

Each Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) reflects a collective effort to protect the safety and well-being of the community's residents. Together with Athena and our local expert partners, we can build a fire adapted resilient future.

Tom Marsh, CEO

Source: Bintel Inc
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