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BDE Entertainment announces LUDLOW

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Producer Bob DeBrino (Find Me Guilty) and Jim DiEugenio (JFK Revisited) on DiEugenio are proud to announce their new project in development "LUDLOW"   LUDLOW tells the story of the 1914 Ludlow Massacre which killed 25 people, 11 of who were innocent children.

John Lawson was a lifelong activist and miner who was never afraid to challenge companies who committed injustices to their employees.  Lawson's character is so well defined it may bring Daniel Day-Lewis out of retirement   He has always had a sincere interest in the project.  Debrino said "DiEugenio's characters are so well written.  The man creates magic with a pen" Several A-list talent have made inquiries about the project. According to Debrino, DiEugenio has done extensive research on Ludlow, a tragic part of American history that has somehow been missed.

DiEugenio is coming off Oliver Stone's HOT new project JFK REVISITED. He researched and wrote the project for Stone. Debrino said "Oliver is a master at getting to the core of things, and is a purist when it comes to the truth" Stone and DiEugenio have been working together for years and Oliver cannot say enough great things about Jim, especially his research.

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Ludlow, Colorado, is where the massacre of the miners and their families took place. They built a tent city complete with homes, schools, libraries and even dance halls.  When a few of the minors began to turn up dead they decided to fight back. They smuggled in firearms and explosives along with their bread and milk shipments.  They took up arms against the Anti-Striker Militia and rouge soldiers from the Colorado National Guard who were hired by the mine owners, Colorado Fuel and Iron.  John D. Rockefeller who was part owner of the company was widely blamed for the massacre.  The miner's were outgunned and outnumbered.  The Militia set the miner's tent city ablaze, killing 25 people, 11 of whom were innocent children.

Jim DiEugenio said "It's great to work with someone like Bob Debrino who really understands the depth of this story."   The Rockefellers walked away totally unscathed.  There stands a statue and memorial to the Massacre in Ludlow to this day, despite efforts from the Rockefellers and other Mining companies to have it removed.

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