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As Tribulation Increases In Severity: Is It Time For A Resurrection?

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A rare celestial planetary alignment as the world grows impatient for salvation.

KILLEEN, Texas - eTradeWire -- By: Saint Ajabel of The Kemetian Church Of Krsts

"And they shall build households, and they shall dwell, and they shall plant vineyards, and they shall eat their fruits. They shall not build, and others inhabit, and they shall not plant, and others eat, because the days of my people are as the days of trees, and my chosen ones shall eat the work of their hands!" - Isaiah 65

As the constellation Leo the lion rises on the vernal equinox during the entrance of spring. So does a rare celestial planetary occurrence move in position according to Nora McGreevy of the Smithsonian. The rare alignment of the planets Mars, Venus, and Saturn; thereafter, leading to a 5 planet alignment. Is this a sign for a special event to take place? In biblical literature, it was told to look at the planets, and stars for signs. A world in the middle of great suffering. A global death toll of over 5.5 million in 2021 say's data scientists. Then the event of resurrection by the name of Easter is followed by the conjunction of the planet Venus, and Jupiter. Is humanity ready if a resurrection by inner light takes place? Is time running out? A major total lunar eclipse making a blood moon will cover North, and South America, Europe, Africa, and parts of Asia. A warning according to the book of the Unveiling translated as Revelation. But most choose money over everything say's Michael Zipursky, a consulting specialist.

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"And Earth is compared to its inhabitants, because they violated the law, and they changed the commandment, and they destroyed the eternal covenant. Because of these things, the Earth shall dwell in mourning, and all its inhabitants will be condemned; because of this, all the inhabitants of the Earth shall be laid waste, and few men shall be left!" - Isaiah 24


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