Arrest those who think their above the law, and that they have unfounded power

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Judge Martin, Steve Poizner, Jon Hopkins, Racheal Abelson, Don Anderson, and Kristen Scribner from the Department of Insurance for California should be held accountable?

SAN FRANCISCO - eTradeWire -- Do judges really have the authority to destroy someone's life when the DA makes up a new crime?

I sold a lawful fixed indexed annuity to a senior, and she made over $40,000.00 in three years on her annuitization value, and I was charged with larceny because three years earlier according to the state she possibly had the onset of dementia?

-- 1st DCA California case #A134873 appeals court said "there was no evidence that defendant appropriated the elders funds to his own use or to the benefit of anyone other than the elder herself, nor was there evidence that defendant made any misrepresentations  or used any artifice in connection with the sale. Moreover, the jury was incorrectly instructed that to convict it need find only that the purchase of the annuity deprived the elder of a major portion of the value or enjoyment of her property, eliminating the necessity of proving that defendant had any such intentions. Hence,defendants conviction must be reversed.

The jury instructions said that I removed it from the owner's possession for so extended a period of time that the owner would be deprived of a major portion of the value or enjoyment of the property. This is what they say constituted the crime???

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If that's the case arrest every insurance agent who has ever sold a fixed indexed annuity. That's how ALL deferred annuities work. Shut down all insurance companies if that's a crime. My case was unprecedented. It destroyed my business of thirty years, my family split, divorced, and I had to file bankruptcy, and still today 10 years later I still haven't recuperated. Judges are able to arbitrarily put someone life out of order because a state regulator thought they would try something new? It's not fair. Hold them accountable.

Are judges above the law? Really Judge Richard Martin? Appeals court dismayed in unbelief.

Prosecute the prosecution. Including the judge. Glenn Neasham's life, and family ruined by regulator. Selling an annuity to a elder made over $42,000.00 in three years on a $175,000.00 investment. Apparently Glenn was supposed to diagnose onset of dementia three years earlier?

The justice Stuart Pollack said;

The People v. Glenn Andrew Neasham (, he sat down, calmed himself and opened the PDF.  Justice Stuart Pollak point-by-point ( showed the prosecution hadn't even come close to proving Neasham committed theft and that the judge erred so badly in his instructions to the jury that the mistake had "constitutional significance." Pollak seemed to be perplexed even by the prosecution's definition of theft.

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The local publisher who wrote this article asked the community; ( (

1st DCA Opinion available upon request.

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