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Are The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse On The Ride: What Phase Of The Tribulation Is The Planet In?

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A chaotic wave of constant mayhem while life continues to become more extreme.

HOUSTON - eTradeWire -- By: Saint Ajabel of The Kemetian Church Of Krsts

"In times of trial, and tribulation, dust clouds of doubt, and suffering are always raised, and it is not easy to move forward, to continue the journey. Many temptations come, especially in difficult times, and in crises: to stop to discuss ideas, to allow oneself to be carried away by the desolation, to focus on the fact of being persecuted, and not to see the other." - Pope Francis

A man that many neighboring countries consider insane has a past statement echoing in the mind of humanity. Your origin is from the father of slanderers, and the desire for your father you are willing to do; from the very start he has been a murderer, and doesn't stand for truth. There is no truth in him; he expresses lies whenever he speaks. He is the father of falsehood. A promise for peace, but only actions of conflict. A new virus transferred from animal to human found in Canada, say's Dora Mekouar of Vox News Media. The development of new weaponry by east Asia, and an ambitious chaotic mindset in the north eastern province. A race to develop a new future for a surviving inhabited world across the globe. Is this a time of trouble for the world or tribulation? According to billionaire Melnichenko, the globe has a food crisis looming from this war in Europe. Are the four horsemen in action as new events emerge in the world? Nato has proclaimed that there can be over 15,000 dead so far in this European war.

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"Your name is unknown. Your deed is immortal." - Soldier of WWII


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Source: Kemetian Church Of Krsts
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