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Appetite for remote work shows no signs of slowing

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AUSTIN, Texas - eTradeWire -- American workers continue to value remote and flex work over traditional, in-office roles even despite suggestions that it was "just a phase", despite RTO mandates, and despite some media outlets framing it as a dwindling form of work.

"Interest in remote work is still just as high as it's been since the pandemic first brought it into the spotlight," said Joseph Boll, RemoteWorker CEO.

RemoteWorker is an online jobs board and resource website for remote workers, remote work jobseekers, and hiring managers, employers and HR personnel seeking to recruit and hire the top talent for remote positions.

The fierce battle over remote work in the USA has remained constant over the last year. Many businesses that have been trying to wrangle remote workers back into physical offices with RTO mandates have kept up their struggle. But remote workers have steadfastly resisted such efforts, and for numerous reasons as countless studies have shown multiple benefits of remote and flexible working arrangements.

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The high demand for remote work is why remote job listings continue to receive more applicants on popular job board sites like Indeed and LinkedIn compared to job listings that do not offer remote work. According to Boll, it's also why sites like RemoteWorker continue to be necessary.

"Most people have lost interest in the traditional office experience," the CEO said. "Before the pandemic, when remote work still hadn't reached the mainstream, a lot of people were unsatisfied with their office jobs but tolerated it because most did not believe other, better ways of working were available except to upper management or the elite."

However, with remote work gaining rapid popularity during the pandemic, Boll said people realized that they could have been doing this all along. As such, he said it's no wonder that interest in remote work has not waned in the slightest since it began in earnest.

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"That's what brings us to the current labor climate as it is right now," said Boll. "People are no longer willing to bear uncomfortable work environments, or offices that just aren't worth the effort of leaving their family and commuting for hours every day. That's why RemoteWorker is dedicated to helping jobseekers find those opportunities that make use of their talents while letting them keep the flexibility to work comfortably."


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Remote Worker is designed to help hiring managers and businesses connect with job-seeking professionals for remote work positions. We are affiliated with Remote Worker (UK), ClickJobs.io and Caribbean Employment Services Inc. For more information, visit https://www.remoteworker.jobs or contact hello@remoteworker.jobs.

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