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Another Biden Vaccine Rule Killed - Time For "Reboot"

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First Large Employers; Now Even Biden's Federal Workers Rule Enjoined

WASHINGTON - eTradeWire -- In the latest body blow to Biden's efforts to convince an increasingly skeptical public that he is doing everything he can to protect them from Covid, a federal judge has just blocked his requirement that federal workers be vaccinated.

This comes as new polls show that the majority of American disapprove of how he is handling the pandemic, and another Covid expert recommends that he bar airline passengers who refuse to be vaccinated in order to protect the great majority who are, and move towards what experts say is the only effective way to fight the pandemic - encourage more Americans to be vaccinated.

Dr. Ashish Jha, an expert who appears frequently on network newscasts about the pandemic, says the only reason why the Biden administration hasn't acted on the recommendations of Fauci and many other experts to adopt a shot-to-fly rule is that it's "stuck on logistics. And they're worried the airline industry is going to push hard."

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But Jha reminds us that restaurants once strongly resisted requirements that they serve only nonsmoking customers because of fear that such a requirement would cost them business.  But, notes Jha, once they took this step, they were surprised to learn that business actually increased because many customers were avoiding eating out because of concern about being exposed to smoke.

Prof Banzhaf, who established the nonsmokers' rights movement which was behind these requirements, said that this was clearly true.  For example, when California became the first state to ban smoking in restaurants, there were dire predictions of wide spread business failures, including the closure of Disneyland.  But, of course, just the opposite occurred, says the professor.

Jha predicts that the same will happen if only vaccinated people can fly: "It's a little like when restaurants put in smoking bans and thought no one would come out to eat. But what they saw was more people coming to eat.  It may mean a small proportion of people won't fly, but it will build confidence and allow other people to fly."

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Although some airlines have claimed that the risk of infection from flying is small, this medical expert strongly disagrees.  He notes that in addition to the risk while actually on the airplane, when cloth masks have been shown to be largely ineffective against the highly transmissible Omicron variant, there are very high risks when passengers are bunched together on the jetways.

Moreover, passengers take off their masks to eat and drinks and, Jha notes, they may not wear their masks properly even when they are on,  "I'm sitting next to them for five hours, how would I not be exposed?," he asks.
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Source: Public Interest Law Professor John Banzhaf
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