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The surreal, gravity bending game Strange Ocean is coming to PC on Steam!

GUELPH, Ontario - eTradeWire -- Strange Ocean, a surreal experience with wacky physics combining the shooting centric experience of a shoot'em up with precision jumping and collecting mechanics, launches August 5th on PC via Steam.


Strange Ocean provides a strange and charming adventure across the weirdest waterways to explore and collect treasure as you shoot and dodge foes. It bends 2D physics in never-before-seen ways creating unique challenges as you jump and shoot your way through pirates, dancing dolphins, fire-tornadoes, and even more thingamajigs. Collect coins as you sail and then spend them to get new sails, hulls, and the oddest cannonball replacements treasure can buy.

Packed full of strange obstacles, unlockable extras, interesting level challenges, and different modes, Strange Ocean offers an extended experience you'll never get anywhere else!

Key Features
  • A charming, hand-animated ship captain: Marina!
  • Multiple modes of play from standard things (game difficulty and challenge modes) to the bizarre (most enemies become pirates, or all projectiles are ducks).
  • Unique power-ups that will make your head spin.
  • 100 surreal stages that just get stranger-and-stranger.
  • 10 boss stages that will challenge and bewilder.
  • 40 unlockable ship parts to customize your voyage.

Strange Ocean is the fifth release from Night Stroll Studio.

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What if you had to shoot and dodge projectiles in a world with strange-yet-consistent physics?

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About Night Stroll Studio:

Night Stroll Studio is a Canadian solo video-game developer, founded in 2021 by Trevor Thompson. Due to being a single-person studio the games developed by Night Stroll Studio are able to take more creative risks in trying new mechanics giving players new experiences that they are unlikely to find elsewhere.

The most noteworthy previous release is If It's for My Client, I'd Even Schedule a Demon Lord which initially tasks players with arranging schedules for some local oddballs and eventually leads to scheduling events on fantasy calendars.

Night Stroll Studio

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