Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Technology

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Videoconference technology, Database security, and rigorous medical training set a new standard for Ayurvedic Wellness quality, convenience, and affordability.

SAN RAMON, Calif. - eTradeWire -- On March 1st, Ayurveda, the 5,000-year-old wellness strategy enters a new era. The vehicle is a Telehealth service offered by startup, based in San Ramon, California. The company provides Americans access to the world's best Ayurvedic Vaidya (Sanskrit for 'Doctor') via in-home teleconferences, scheduled at their convenience, and booked for a quarter the price of a regular Doctor visit.'s launch caps a 5-year research-to-action project started by Murty Chennubhotla ('s CEO) combining three previously disconnected technologies and sciences into a single-purpose solution:
• The first, and primary, element is Ayurveda itself -- the millenia enduring wellness science of which Yoga is a central element. Born in the Indian subcontinent, Ayurveda is now embraced worldwide by over a billion people, and attracts millions of new followers each year across every US state.

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• The second element is videoconferencing, a technology recently come of age with the advancement of phones, computers, and bandwidth availability.
• Third is a secure, HIPAA compliant platform, the industry leading secure database solution known for its sales-utility, but only recently entering the medical arena. focuses on it's Vaidyas' quality, and invested significantly in building a rigorous certification system, VihHara, that only accepts Vaidyas with Undergraduate and Graduate degrees from a handful of elite Indian Ayurvedic Colleges and Universities, and multiple years of private-practice within Ayurveda Clinics. Furthermore,'s 7-Point System also demands English fluency, tech-savvy, and a solid understanding of American culture and privacy laws.

"We're highly methodical in building our team," explains Darron Brackenbury, Chief Operating Officer, "We travelled across India interviewing Vaidyas, and identified a cadre of roughly 20 candidates for training. But thus far, we've only certified 5. More will graduate soon naturally, but there's no rush. Quality first."

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"Ayurveda's complex," explains Ian Schuster, VedaLife's Chief Marketing Officer. "Just because it's natural, doesn't mean it's simple. We demand our Vaidyas invest decades into ongoing learning and in-field practice, and we set exceedingly high standards -- well beyond what you'll find elsewhere. It's intense, but 100% necessary if we're going to earn your trust."

VedaLife's technology centers on it's SalesForce-based Wellness Portal and Ayurveda EHR (Electronic Health Records) system, which helps clients securely track their physical and emotional well-being, provides exercise and nutritional recommendations, and serves as a secure warehouse for their consultative and supplements history.

The company has partnered with Kottakkal USA, a 118 year old Indian provider of Ayurvedic products for supplying dietary supplements to its clients.

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