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Anaphora AI is Decentralizing and Democratizing Artificial Intelligence through their AI Marketplace

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Anaphora AI is a decentralized Artificial Intelligence platform and marketplace that offers AIaaS (Artificial Intelligence as-a-service) solutions from a variety of developers and making them more accessible for businesses and consumers alike.

PALO ALTO, Calif. - eTradeWire -- Companies, organizations and consumers can use AI services from various providers and only pay for what they use. AI service providers will have access to a large and diverse marketplace that allows them to monetize their AI products and services. AI service/solution providers will be able to list their products and services for buyers to bid on. Buyers will also be able to list project requests and specifications for services or solutions they need that AI developers can bid on. ANAPH token will be used as payment.

The Problem
Many companies these days want to use AI to improve their business. Consumers want to use AI services to improve their life and help with daily tasks. Unfortunately, AI isn't cheap or easy. Developing AI tools or services is extremely expensive. AI machines, programmers, R&D, or anything else is extremely costly. Hiring experts and developers who specialize in this niche space is also extremely expensive.

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The Solution
With Anaphora AI, these companies can pay providers for various AI solutions or services and only pay for what they use. This way the service provider can monetize their products or services, and the company that uses those services can avoid a costly investment in building their own proprietary AI solutions. They won't need to pay for machines, programmers, R&D, or anything else. Anaphora AI has deployed their marketplace and AI provider solutions in a cloud based platform. Anaphora AI offers a cheaper, more efficient solution for companies and organizations who want to use AI tools or services. Anaphora AI is democratizing AI solutions and services and making them more accessible for businesses and consumers alike.

For more information please visit: https://anaphora.ai

Anaphora AI

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