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All You Need To Know About Cupping Therapy

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How Does Cupping Benefit Us?.. The Basics of cupping therapy and what issues can it really help with.

GRAPEVINE, Texas - eTradeWire -- Cupping is a form of deep tissue massage that has its roots in ancient forms of alternative medicines. Ancient civilizations all over the world such as those in China, Egypt and the Middle East have been practicing this alternative medicinal therapy for centuries. The Ebers Papyrus, one of the oldest medical textbooks in the world, contains mention of this technique.

Just like with acupuncture, cupping therapy's working principle is also based on the traditional Chinese medicine's ancient belief of "qi" (pronounced "chi") or the eternal flowing life force. Whenever there is a disruption in the flow of this life force, the body's equilibrium is offset and various symptoms, imbalances and disorders manifest. Therefore, several techniques are employed to reinstate this equilibrium and make qi balanced across all meridians in the body.

How Does Cupping Benefit Us?

As our age increases, old and dead tissues as well as blood flow decrease creating stagnations and imbalances. Furthermore, all the degradations involved with old age such as reduced blood flow, tearing down of fascia, and muscle wear and tear often create skin conditions such as rashes, muscle soreness or stiffness, or potentially headaches. With cupping and acupuncture treatments, most of these above listed problems can be reversed, if not completely removed!

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What other ailments does cupping help with?

These days, cupping is considered an advanced treatment technique, despite its roots in ancient medicine. Not only does cupping help with healing tissues, tight muscles and stagnant joints, it provides additional relief with other areas of ailments as well. Furthermore, with cupping being a non invasive and a non intrusive technique, it is an easy preference over most allopathic corrective treatments. Here are some of the ailments that cupping treatments help with:

·        Rheumatic disorders- arthritis and fibromyalgia

·        Scarring

·        Herpes

·        Cervical Spondolysis

·        Frozen shoulders

·        Facial paralysis

·        Acute conjunctivitis

·        Toothache

·        Chronic back and waist pain

·        Stiff muscles

·        Varicose veins

·        Blood disorders-anemia and hemophilia

·        Skin disorders- urticaria, acne, eczema

·        Gynecological problems- infertility, leukorrhea, irregular menses

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·        Facial rejuvenation and wrinkles, dull skin elimination

·        Mental disorders- depression, anxiety, migraines, insomnia etc

·        Respiratory disorders- asthma, bronchitis, allergies, common cold, congestion etc

·        Excessive weight, cellulite and related disorders.

·        Gastrointestinal disorders- diarrhea, dysentry, severe or frequent gastritis.

·        Sore throat

·        Headaches associated with a high or low fever

·        Damages sustained by injuries to soft tissues

·        Early stages of a tumor growth (only in certain specific conditions)


Zareena Samidon

Source: Vitality Wellness Clinic
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