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After a NDE and 6 hour craniotomy what information was channeled to Eric Hasse and from where?

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ST. CATHARINES, Ontario - eTradeWire -- Join Rob McConnell tonight at 11 pm Eastern on The 'X' Zone Radio Show, streaming on Your Hometown Radio, Classic 1220 - wwwclassic1220.ca as he interviews, Eric Hasse who now goes by the name, "US."

After undergoing emergency brain surgery in 2004, E. Haase embarked on creating various multi-media projects with a clear purpose: to convey his insights about humanity's role in shaping Earth's environmental future. During a near death experience encountered in a lengthy craniotomy to mend a ruptured aneurysm, Haase received profound inspiration. One of his latest endeavors stemming from this profound encounter is the interactive book called "Apocalypse Near." This extraordinary book is being released in multiple formats, including e-books, audio books, and traditional print editions, each containing links to supplementary media found on the author's websites. The storyline of the book is a novelized version of Haase's screenplay bearing the same title.

In his initial attempt to communicate humanity's potential for a symbiotic relationship with the environment, Haase established www.consciousconsumers.net. He believes that a significant portion of this website's content was mysteriously transferred to his consciousness during an out of body experience he had while undergoing surgery. Despite tirelessly dedicating a year to developing consciousconsumers.net, Haase started feeling despondent as he believed he wouldn't be able to reach enough people in time to avert the nightmarish future he had envisioned. Haase asserts that during his near death experience, he observed Earth from a cosmic viewpoint, witnessing its transformation into a lifeless, moon-like entity. Reflecting on this experience, Haase shared, "It unfolded in an instant; I sorrowfully witnessed the planet succumb to Consumption."

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