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Affordable Newmarket Children's Orthodontist Jaw & Tooth Pain Invisalign vs Braces

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In a randomised, prospective study published in 2017, David W. White, Katie C. Julien, Helder Jacob, Phillip M. Campbell, and Peter H. Buschang investigated the pain levels associated with Invisalign and traditional brackets.

NEWMARKET, Ontario - eTradeWire -- Data were analyzed to establish whether group had taken painkillers more frequently to deal with orthodontic treatment procedure discomforts.

For the purpose of the study, patients who underwent each of the therapy kept daily pain diaries to record their discomforts. Three diaries were made for each patient: one at the first appointment, one after a month, and one after two months. Because the early movements of the teeth during orthodontic treatment are the most painful, they are the most painful moments. The participants were asked to keep track of how uncomfortable they felt when doing various everyday tasks including eating, biting, and relaxing, as well as how often they used painkillers and whether they had any problems sleeping.

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Since early tooth movements often induce discomfort until the patient gets adjusted to the pressure, both procedures initially generated about the same amount of reported discomfort. Patients of both sexes described the same amounts of discomfort. However, throughout the first week of therapy, patients wearing traditional brackets complained of more discomfort, particularly when engaging in chewing motions as opposed to when they were at rest. This could be because one set of patients had to eat their meals while wearing their Invisalign aligners off.

Further in the trial, patients wearing traditional braces were substantially more uncomfortable. Even while there was less difficulty during these sessions than there was for Invisalign patients, there was still a significant amount of discomfort. Finally, more patients in the traditional group used painkillers than Invisalign patients, who took them at considerably lower rates. This is a convincing example of how painful and uncomfortable standard orthodontic treatment is.

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