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Ultra Cash for Cars Hiring for an Efficient Team in Adelaide

ADELAIDE, Australia - April 15, 2019 - eTradeWire -- It is already one of Australia's largest cities and yet it keeps getting better each day. The city has seen a lot of residents grow up and a lot of residents move in from other countries and states. We have always been a welcoming place, warm and happy! There has been, a lot of struggle in terms of getting jobs for themselves as high-school and college graduates try to figure out what to do with their lives. Most college going students that pursue their higher education in Australia is not very sure about how the real world of offices and industries works.  We took a look at a couple of graduate profiles on LinkedIn and most of them seemed to be looking for better opportunities to work.

Amidst the chaos of job avail abilities and the lack of appropriate job opportunities, a car wrecking company in Adelaide has decided to take over some of the responsibility for this. Ultra Cash for Cars has been one of Adelaide's reliable car buyer and car wrecker. They have recently announced that they will be recruiting a few graduates to work as customer service managers for the company. They have been looking for a few suitable candidates to fill in a few slots in their customer care team.

This is a big step for the company, as they haven't supposedly taken up new recruits without being interns first. The company functions solely on how the customer care experts manage their customers along with the huge fleet of drivers. The company in the past has not employed executives without a minimum experience of 5 years in the automobile industry. When asked about the criteria for applications for jobs, the head of the Human Resources department mentioned that their business model requires high-end training. Even after being experienced in the industry, professionals go through a few weeks of training to understand the facilities. He also mentioned that the new generation fleet of workers will be employed despite the fact that they don't have much experience. "We are trying to build their interest in such vehicles. Of course, we have had a lot of applicants who were interested and very keen on working with automobiles. We weren't hiring then, but we are now! So if they think they might have some sort of an interest in such a business, you're welcome to apply.",said Manny from Human Resources.  About car removal service visit

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She also mentioned that the applicants that get through to the second round of the selection process will have a round of practical exams where they will be placed on a call with our senior managers who will pretend to sell their vehicle. This will be a test of the confidence and communication skills of the applicant. They claim to not expect complete professionals but want to hire the ones who they can work on. Some knowledge of or interest in the world of automobiles would be of great help to the candidate as well, as mentioned by Manny.

The car removal company seems to be extremely delighted with their own interview process, as mentioned by one of their employees. There is also a training module designed by the senior management that they believe will 'get them ready in no time' for their job roles in the company. The training module will have sessions in practical-real life situations where they will be asked to attend calls and to attend to customers in the presence of a senior executive. "They will be given a trainee badge and we will supervise the entire process, from the call to the booking. After the rigorous training that they go through, this session will seem like a piece of cake to them. Slowly, we will move them to their desks where they will start working closely with their mentors.", said the spokesperson for Ultra Cash for Cars -

They are expecting a huge number of applicants considering the kind of benefits they are willing to provide to their employees. Ultra Cash for Cars will also be considering online applications for the first time in their history, and they are very enthusiastic about the process, as clearly stated by their head Human Resources Manager.

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Ultra Cash for Cars is a car buyer in Adelaide that is a premium car removal service as well. Their wide range of services is inclusive of car removal, accidental car removal, paying cash for cars, and used car buying. They buy old cars, used cars, trucks, utes, SUVs, vans, etc. They help most customers by getting rid of their car on the same day and also offer Ultra cash for their old vehicles.

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