Acquisition of Provine Marketing by Empire Financial Solutions ( EFS ) Complete!

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May 21, 2018, Hays Castle and Empire Financial Solutions acquire Provine Marketing from Boulder, Colorado. Together they bring education and marketing together. That equals "Knowledge Marketing". Provine Marketing's new direction.

DENVER - eTradeWire -- EFS May 21, 2018, Empire Financial Solutions completes a six-month acquisition to purchase Provine Marketing in Boulder, Colorado. Provine Marketing has been providing Internet Marketing to small businesses for twenty years and holds honors in both customer service and customer retention, awards in local SEO, Social Media Marketing, Website Design & Development.

"We didn't know in 2006 the path that Empire Financial Solutions would take when we started educating realtors in how to get buyers online, how to market homes online and general internet marketing at the time we sold our Century 21 Gold franchise in Louisville". According to Hays Castle, Founder & Cheif Executive Officer of EFS. That changed his direction from real estate franchising and real estate sales (Century 21 Gold) to real estate investing, real estate foreclosures, fix and flip financing, real estate education/training, and marketing for real estate agents and their listings (Empire Financial Solutions).

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"Now! We can shift yet again", says a very excited Castle, "real estate steady at the moment, and our focus on Internet Marketing can bring both knowledge + marketing together as we help many, who for now, only dream of owning their own businesses one day". "Provine Marketing and Empire Financial Solutions can give real estate agents, their listings and their brand all the internet tools needed to build a successful internet business in real estate, and soon many other businesses and many other industries".

This is not Mr. Castle's first venture nor his last as he builds yet another business, and as he says, "Build it to sell it". "Because every business plan needs a strategy to exit, right"? And he is right because 67% leave exit strategies totally out of business plans in US loan applications.
When I first got to know, Hays Castle, he recruited me from a Boulder accounting firm in 2002 to start my own real estate company and work with him at Century 21 Gold in Louisville, Colorado and my life changed. He brought out the entrepreneur in me that I never knew was there.

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With names like, "Blockbuster Video", "Cox Home Entertainment"
"Cox Communications Inc", "Castle Management", "Cash Corp", "Little Castle Corp", "Mountain High Inc". "Century 21 Gold", "Empire Financial Solutions", and now
"Provine Marketing". And he commissioned, his first book to be written, "The Reluctant Entrepreneur" So, I will personally keep my eye on him and anything he is involved with because his excitement and energy is intoxicating.


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