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90210 Cosmetic Dentist or Cosmetic Dentistry in Beverly Hills?

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Every general dentist in Beverly Hills can be called a cosmetic dentist, but not every cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills is a Prosthodontist. Cosmetic dentistry is not a specialty recognized by ADA, but Prosthodontics is a dental specialty.

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - Sept. 23, 2018 - eTradeWire -- Looking for a cosmetic dentist? Really want to spice up your smile? Beverly Hills is becoming the headquarter for cosmetic dentistry nowadays.  When people spend over $100K for a  smile makeover, advertising money spent to find new patients becomes astronomic and endless.  Digital advertising is all over the place and very powerful.  Most people start their search for their next expert cosmetic dentist online and dentists are not shy spend money to get a hold of them.  Due to the chaotic competition over the keyword "COSMETIC DENTISTRY" every dentists and dental office have to line up and start betting to get ranked higher.  As it was stated before you can legally claim to be cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills and every other city or state as a matter of fact and such advertising is perfectly common and legal.  When every other dentist starts competing over "COSMETIC DENTISTRY" the phrase itself will start getting tossed around like there is no tomorrow on search engines.

Many of the simple cosmetic dentistry procedures can easily be performed by a general dentist.  But what if you have a very complicated case and many of your missing teeth have to be replaced and your have to go through a full mouth reconstruction?  Can just any dentist safely restore your teeth and give you that perfect smile that you have always looked for?

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The answer is yes.  But there is something that every person looking for a full mouth reconstruction or a complicated case of smile makeover should know before they make up their mind and move forward with their cosmetic dentistry treatment.  There is such dental specialty called "Prosthodontic" in dentistry and it is recognized by American Dental Association or ADA.  This specific specialty was design to diagnose the oral function and appearance of patients with conditions related to missing teeth and or oral maxillofacial related issues. Such dentists with this distinctive specialty are called "Prosthodontists" and beside completing dental school they have gone through three additional years of advance and extensive training in a prosthodontic graduate program that is accredited by American Dental Association.

After the a graduate student completes this program, he or she will have an additional three years of experience to all kinds of complicated dental and facial problems that involves restoring complicated jaw structure and also restoring missing teeth.  These highly trained and board certified specialists have all the skills needed to enhance your smile for every single complicated dental cosmetic procedures.  Some of these cosmetic procedures are dental implants, porcelain crowns and porcelain veneers.  People who are not happy with their existing dentures and bridges have some new promising options that can restore their smile with the help of a prosthodontist.

General dentists can definitely help people with simple cosmetic issues.  For more complicated treatment related to missing teeth and cosmetic issues general dentists can always participate in such treatment, but prosthodontists are considered the specialists and  have more training and experience to treat such dental procedures.  This is an option that every dental patient has when it comes to choosing the right candidate for complex cosmetic dental procedures that are related to missing teeth or restoring and extensive list of crowns and placing dental implants.

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If you are not happy with your smile and need a full mouth reconstruction or a smile makeover in Beverly Hills area, you now have the option to consult with a board certified prosthodontist and get his expert opinion before you proceed with your treatment. Dr. Thanos Kristallis a board certified specialist in Beverly Hills and he has about 30 years of experience in the field of cosmetic dentistry.  When you consult with Dr. kristallis about your smile makeover, he will take his time to go over all of your options and the best possible treatment.  Your oral health and safety is always a top priority at Cosmetic Dentists of Beverly Hills in the heart of 90210.

Dr. Kristallis has worked with many celebrities throughout the years and in case you have a deadline and you need to get your smile makeover in Beverly Hills area, you can can always ask about same day crowns and same day veneers. Dr. Kristallis closely works with some high tech local dental labs and if you need to attend a special event or ceremony, he will do everything in his power to speed up your treatment and meet your deadlines.  Cosmetic dentistry financing is also available to pay for a portion or all of your dental treatment when you come to  Cosmetic Dentists of Beverly Hills. They are provided by third party companies and Dr. Kristallis and his friendly staff can always give you more information about how to apply for it.

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