8th Annual Texas Black Business Economic Forecast - 2021

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For the eighth straight year, William Michael Cunningham will deliver the 2021 Texas Economic Forecast Keynote Address on October 29, 2020 before the Texas Association of African American Chambers of Commerce.

WASHINGTON - eTradeWire -- Economist William Michael Cunningham, founder of Creative Investment Research, will discuss the current climate for African American businesses in Texas and in the US for 2021. To attend, please see TAAACC.ORG.

The forecast will cover:

- History. In December, 2016. we stated the following: "Under any conceivable scenario, the current situation is very bad, and I mean toxic, for democratic institutions in general and for people of color specifically. Bottom line: our Fully Adjusted Return Forecast** indicates that, over time, things will get much, much worse....." From: Trumpism https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/trumpism-william...

- Summary of Commentary on Current Economic Conditions. We will discuss the current business climate.

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- Advice to Black Firms. Last year, our advice for TAAACC and members was as follows:
- Lock in any growth or client opportunity you can NOW.
- Support Black women business efforts.
- Borrow now before interest rates and borrowing costs go higher. Term: 30 year fixed rate. Source: Credit Union.
- Investments: Savings Bonds, Vanguard S&P 500, Bitcoin. (Bitcoin was $9,996.39 on 9/19/2019. It was priced at $12,923.26 on 10/26/2020, a gain of $2,927 or 29.3%.)

Creative Investment Research (CIR) produces high social return investments and research. Founded in 1989, the firm launched creativeinvest.com in November, 1995 (http://www.creativeinvest.com/image/be1996.jpg). CIR creates unusually impactful investment vehicles and initiatives. Our Fully Adjusted Return® Methodology combines social and financial data to create investment vehicles and is used to generate highly accurate economic forecasts. Mr. Cunningham holds an MBA in Finance and an MA in Economics, both from the University of Chicago.

For a review of prior TAAACC forecasts, see: https://youtu.be/fSGje7OaLpk

WIlliam Michael Cunningham

Source: Creative Investment Research
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