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5 Ways To Think Eco-Friendly When Clothes Shopping This Spring

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LOS ANGELES - April 18, 2019 - eTradeWire -- Shopping for fashions for the spring and summer season can be exciting. However, there is a concern about the 70lbs of discarded fashion items (average per person) that end up in landfills each year (see https://edgexpo.com/fashion-industry-waste-stat...)

So, how can we make purchases that satisfy our desire for something new and also be mindful of how their disposal impacts the Eco-system? Garment Saver, a clothing care company, offers 5 planet-friendly things to keep in mind on that next fun, fashion shopping trip.

1. Choose sustainable or Eco-friendly fabrics

Generally, natural fabrics like organic cotton, linen (made from plants) and wool are a few bio-degradable options.

2. Opt for fabrics that need colder wash & can be hung dry

Items that can be laundered in cooler or cold water means the washing machine uses less energy (and has less carbon emission) than washing in hot water. The same goes for the ability to hang dry items, which uses less energy than tumble drying.

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3. Think "Can I spot clean this?"

Most washable garments can be easily spot cleaned.  So, items need not be thrown into the wash basket at the first stain. A quick treatment spray and area rinse will keep it in rotation for wear, before a full cycle wash is needed.

4. Minimize discards by rethinking shopping decisions

That trendy color or fast-fashion garment looks great! But will it work for long term needs, or hold up through multiple washings? Consider investing more shopping dollars in higher quality garments versus lots of cheaper, "disposable" items.

5. Treat new purchases like there is a plan to re-sell or recycle them

Resale websites are very popular right now. That is a good thing! Simple practices can keep wardrobe items (even fast fashion clothing) at peak or near peak appearance during wear. This can enhance their value at donation or re-selling time and minimize the chance of them ending up in landfills. Maintenance includes proper cleaning, using correct storage methods, pest control, etc.

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"Keeping these 5 simple things in mind on wardrobe shopping trips," says Sheryll Fraze, owner of Garment Saver, "Will hopefully help to strike a balance between the desire for refreshing our wardrobe and the need to be more Eco-responsible."

About Garment Saver

Garment Saver offers stylish solutions to make organizing and caring for your wardrobes easy. This includes clothing guards, specialty garment bags and modern pinafores for children. They also offer helpful tips on wardrobe care. Please visit them at http://www.garmentsaver.com.

Sheryll Fraze

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