5 Must Have Tools for Successful Amazon Sellers

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Want to boost your Amazon sales? Here are 5 tools that can help you become a successful Amazon seller.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Feb. 12, 2019 - eTradeWire -- Millions of sellers – both big and small – are now regularly earning money on Amazon. Amazon is a massive marketplace that offers access to a wealth of potential customers, providing sellers with an opportunity to supercharge their profile and their revenues.

However, successful Amazon sellers have to take the correct approach. Fortunately, there is a host of new tools available which can help you to improve your prospects. These must have tools can reduce the time spent on administrative tasks, save money and boost sales.

But, as with so many things, not all tools are created equal. We've listed 5 must-have tools that will help you become (or stay!) a successful Amazon seller!


To succeed on Amazon, you need to engage with your customers, attract positive product reviews and provide prompt customer service. FeedbackWhiz offers a suite of tools to help you automate all these tasks.

This platform is a complete product review and feedback management tool. Working from an intuitive central dashboard you can track all your product reviews and seller feedback in real time. You can sort product reviews by star rating or product and get alerts if you receive a negative product review so you can respond promptly.

The insights drawn from FeedbackWhiz can help you to better understand your business. With data collected from your sales, you can easily determine which products are selling, which are attracting the most positive product reviews, and which, if any, are drawing negative reviews. From there, you can identify sales trends and any adjustments you may need to make to your products or sales strategies.

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The automated email feature helps you to communicate with your buyers. You can design and create eye-catching emails using click and drop custom variables so you do not have to wrestle with formatting any longer. Send emails once a product has been shipped, and you will greatly improve your chances at customer satisfaction and increase the odds of garnering a positive product review.

By using review management software like FeedbackWhiz, sellers have been able to get more product reviews, better ratings and more repeat customers.


AI PPC Product

More and more sophisticated sellers are gravitating toward using automated tools such as Salezoom to manage their Amazon ad optimization.  Leveraging AI has tremendous benefits. It saves one time. Time is money. In addition, most clients will see a decrease in ACOS, an increase in sales, and an increase in impressions 2-months into employing an AI product like Salezoom.  The downside to using a product is that most usually charge a fee. However, some companies like Salezoom will on-board you for free and provide a 1-month free trial plus exclusive access to their other products like Refund Hunter at a discounted rate if using both products.  Nevertheless, it is a service, and services eventually charge. For more information on some of our results, you can reference one of our case studies by clicking here.


Owning an Amazon Store gives you lots of opportunities to grow your e-commerce business. In aiming for success, most business owners tend to do everything on their own.  Did you know that you can spend less time on tasks that are not in your area of expertise and spend more time on other tasks that will expand your business instead?

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Confused about sales tax and where you need to file or how to get started? Avalara works with your own financial, ecommerce, or marketplace to deliver tax calculations in real time. Once configured, you don't have to worry about ever-changing, impenetrable rates, rules, boundaries, exemptions, tax holidays, reporting requirements, filing deadlines, etc. etc. etc. Our cloud-based software platform manages the complexity and simplifies the process of sales tax and other transaction tax compliance, cost-effectively and with reliability. Simply put: we make tax compliance less taxing.


Marketplaces and payment providers charge high margins on global transfers. That's why a currency exchange partner like OFX is a great choice when optimizing your online business. OFX offer substantial savings on exchange rates and charge no fees on transfers*. Payments are fast and secure, with support 24/7. Here are 3 great ways to enhance your business with OFX;

Global Currency Account

Hold the equivalent of a local bank account in major global markets and collect revenue in USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD and HKD. With a Global Currency Account, you can hold international balances to pay suppliers/taxes locally, eliminating the need for conversion and expediting your supply chain. Otherwise, convert back to your home currency whenever you like from the intuitive digital dashboard.

*Occasionally, third-party banks may deduct a fee from your transfer before paying your recipient. This fee may vary and OFX receives no portion of it.

Get the right tool for the job

There are many other tools available for Amazon – some better than others. Each of them will assist with a different aspect of your activity. Some will be vital, others will nice to have and a few will be more or less pointless. The tools we've listed here, though, all fall into the must-have category. You can probably survive without them, but you'll be making a lot less money. https://www.feedbackwhiz.com

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