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3D eBook EntrePReneurISHing™ for Entrepreneurs Launches at Lunchtime on Black Friday

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Beneficience.com PR online announces Black Friday book launch for the 3D Flippin' eBook edition of EntrePReneurISHing™ written for entrepreneurs everywhere by Lady Tracey DoubleOhhSeven™ | RSVP online on the EntrePReneurISHing™ Facebook Page

CHICAGO - eTradeWire -- EntrePReneurISHing™ is a book that will take entrepreneurs of any class, category into a deep story of how its author has coined the phrase. Its title defines the bestselling entrepreneur's storymonial that led to her vibrant culture of 'pr-eneurship' in the media and public relations industry. It was created for every entrepreneur who wants to learn how to begin, build, and brand their legacy work with entrePReneurISHing™ passion in the legacy lane with a branded communications professional.

Growing up with a dna-driven entrepreneurial spirit, Lady Tracey watched her family of small business owners provide an excellent model of how rewarding the work can be.
From small business entrepreneurs and celebrities to high profile dignitaries, elites, and government officials of the highest rank: including Illinois Governor (Governor's Mansion) and the highest national office leaders such as Ret. U.S.A President William Clinton and Ret. U.S.A. Army General Colin Powell (by White House Request for her marketable skills advisory) this real-life social business agent Bond Lady has served more than a few. She has special knowledge about what it takes to be uniquely successful.

The book was written by a Hollywood award-winning publicist from Chicago brand-renown as Lady Tracey Bond DoubleOhhSeven.™ This Who's unique skills and professional experiences have helped her to build a marketably skillful career connecting with, consulting for, and serving some of the most impactful people and their companies over a lifetime. She's committed to carrying out her legacy of helping entrepreneurs worldwide stand out and speak out richly in today's attention economy with her highly-recommended and branded courses, certifications, podcasts, programs, publications, social business sites, and services.

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Tap into this actionable agent's mindful advice, then her branded public relations management services at Beneficience.com (http://beneficience.com/?fbclid=IwAR2luJOQFzsznd5-TnQcGJtD-uc4ot2UpLupvmfieK0Ar5xP_ioUQeBkgwM) PR to learn how to keep growing forward with deep dedication, passion, and purpose.

Lady Tracey Bond DoubleOhhSeven's EntrePReneurISHing™ is not just a book - it's a branded culture; it's an invitation for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and haute couture hustlers to learn how to reach out and touch people with their business and brand communications the EntrePReneurISHing™ way today.

Get a copy of EntrePReneurISHing™ now at https://rebrand.ly/EntrePReneurISHingeBook

The 3D Fippping eBook event launch for "EntrePReneurISHing™" starts Black Friday at 12pm CT / Lunchtime will kickoff at https://fb.me/e/2Slni0gVl

The Author:
Learn more about  Lady Tracey Bond DoubleOhhSeven™ on her Amazon Author page at https://www.amazon.com/Tracey-Bond/e/B00KVM1LVO and website http://TraceyBond007.com.

YouTube Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFubpZ0dus3Hiw...

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Media Contact: Tracey Bond is available for author events, book signings, media interviews, speaking opportunities at https://beneficience.com/?s=Tracey+Bond

Connect with Author on LinkedIn at https://www,linkedin.com/in/traceybonddoubleohh... and for PR services at  https://www.linkedin.com/profinder/pro/traceybo...

EntrePReneurISHing™ on LinkedIn: https://LinkedIn.com/Company/entrePReneurISHing

On Twitter at https://twitter.com/entrePRneurISHing

On Instagram at https://instagram.com/entrePReneurISHing

On Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Entrepreneurishing-101...

On Pinterest at https://pinterest.com/entrePReneurISHing

Beneficience.com PR Online
Tracey Bond, Certified Publicist

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