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3 Reasons to Invest in Gold Today | 3 Reasons to Use Goldmoney | Goldmoney Accounts

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The 3 reasons to invest in gold are: to hedge against losses, a safe haven and a direct investment. The best platform to use is Goldmoney. They are not the only game in town, but they have unique features that make them stand out above the rest.

NEW YORK - March 15, 2019 - eTradeWire -- I'm sure you've heard it over and over - that gold is a must for any diversified portfolio. Here's 3 reasons why you should invest in gold today, and I will also tell you why Goldmoney is the best platform to invest in gold.

Gold and precious metals are a hedge against the stock market. There have been times when the stock market plummets and precious metals rise in response to that. During times of market crash, investors pull their money out of stocks and put them into precious metals. This inverse relationship is not guaranteed, however. There have been times in history where stocks do bad and gold also does bad.

If you believe that the USD is heading for decline, then precious metals offer a safe haven. Some people buy physical gold in the form of bars or coins. In case of economic disaster like a market crash, their gold is still valuable and can be used as currency. Some investors also say that gold is a hedge against inflation - having it will protect your purchasing power.

The last reason to invest is to have gold as a direct investment. Speculative investors want to have precious metals in their portfolio as another way to make profit. Like any investment, precious metal metals have their peak highs and lows, which makes it attractive for short term trading.

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If you want to invest gold for the long term, that's fine too. But the results are not guaranteed. There are years when gold does exceptionally well, and then there are years where gold has failed miserably.

Whatever the reason you choose, if you want to invest in gold, the platform we recommend is Goldmoney. For our full in-depth review of Goldmoney, please click on the link below to visit our blog.

3 Reasons to Use Goldmoney

You can diversify your portfolio with precious metals, and you can diversify even further by investing in different ones. You have the choice of buying gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Right now gold may be too expensive for the average joe, so silver is a nice second choice for those that can't afford it. Some speculators say that silver is more valuable than gold. I believe that every one of the mentioned precious metals have potential - the more you get your hands on the better position you are in.

With a Goldmoney Holding account, you can buy the metal of your choice with your fiat balance. You can also trade metal to metal, which is a nice feature that bypasses the need for fiat money.

Your metals are stored in one of their vaults, of which they have many around the world. You can choose the vault that makes sense for you. What makes Goldmoney stand out is that you can redeem your bullion in the form of gold cubes. These cubes are meaured in grams. It's a great alternative than having to invest in full gold bars. Not everyone is rich enough to buy a gold bar.

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Redeeming your gold cubes is an easy process, just go to your account, select the vault, and make the redemption. To learn more about Goldmoney accounts, visit our blog below.

And finally, the best feature about Goldmoney is their prepaid debit card. As far as I know, no other gold platform offers this feature, which makes them stand out from the crowd. If you don't feel like using cash, then you'll love their prepaid card.

Assuming you already have an account, to apply for a prepaid card, first you fill out a short form and verify your ID. They will mail you card within a few weeks. You can use it like any other prepaid card - use it to buy groceries, eat at restaurants and pay for gas.

It's a cool feeling to know that you're able to spend your Goldmoney balance on everyday purchases.

If you are rich and don't mind spending extra money to make your card look nice, you can get the gold-plated card. The card is plated with real gold that is spent from your balance. It looks great and is the ultimate symbol of wealth.

This press release is only a brief introduction to our entire review of Goldmoney. To see the detailed review, which is completely free to the public, just visit our site at the link below.


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