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3 Day Weekend Benefits - Start Your Side Business Now

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Discover how using a 3 day weekend can launch your side business...

LOS ANGELES - eTradeWire -- Typically a 3 Day Weekend is when your workweek is shortened by not working on Friday or the Monday after a weekend.

There are economic reasons for having a 3 day weekend:

- We would consume less energy if the offices were closed.
- It could be as much as a 20% reduction in energy use.
- It would cause carbon emissions reduction.
- Our economy would become more environmentally friendly.
- It helps with work-life balance.

It would also give us more time to spend on social activities, to care for children and the elderly, and to engage with our communities. Experiments with reduced working hours at select workplaces reduced sickness and even increased productivity.

According to Taylor Pearson:

1) Regular jobs are going decreasing in value every day. Why? Globalization, technology, and the increase in the supply of college graduates.

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2) Entrepreneurship is more profitable than a job can ever be. Jobs are time-constrained and have limited upside.

3)The economy is shifting from knowledge work to entrepreneurship. Being able to operate in complex, chaotic domains is the new scarce resource.

Even for individuals with an advanced degree who can get a job, the value of a degree is dropping.

It's now less valuable than ever to understand how to follow directions and implement best practices. It's the work of understanding and operating in the complex and chaotic systems—entrepreneurship—that's increasingly in demand.

Discover how to convince your boss to let you try a 3 day weekend and launch your side business at the same time. Get more details below:



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