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#241 How to Stop Being a People-Pleaser and Still Be Kind?

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LONDON - eTradeWire -- Hello, Tribers.

People-pleasing is a type of codependency where you put other people's needs above your own. This could lead to feeling like you have no identity and are not living in alignment with your true self. However, there are ways to stop being a people-pleaser without becoming an anti-social monster who doesn't care about other people. Let's explore how…

Are you a people-pleaser?

So you're a nice person. Obviously. Or at least, you try to be. That's why people come to you for advice, right? You're the kind friend who is always ready with a kind word and a helping hand. The problem is that it backfires on you almost every time. People see your niceness as pandering and take advantage of it. You end up feeling used and taken for granted because you are too eager to please everyone without being careful or selective about who deserves your kindness and who doesn't. Do you know that you can stop being a people-pleaser and still be kind in new ways?

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The differences between being kind and people-pleaser are subtle, so let's have a closer look. Being kind is an action that seeks to benefit others in some way. It is about showing compassion for yourself and others. Choosing to do good for others, even when you don't feel like it. But also, setting boundaries and letting other people know where... Read more -> https://rjchomik.com/self_growth/241-how-to-stop-being-a-people-pleaser-and-still-be-kind/

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