14 Steps To Changing A Flat Tire

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Nevada Insurance Enrollment Explains The Basics Of Changing A Tire

LAS VEGAS - eTradeWire -- Whether you are driving across town or across the country, a flat or blown tire can be a stressful experience. Knowing how to take care of it yourself quickly and safely can provide peace of mind and help prevent more extensive damage to your vehicle.

What You Will Need
Changing a tire requires a few basic items, including:
-Spare tire
-Lug wrench
-Wheel wedges
-Reflective triangles
-Hands-free flashlight
-Work gloves
-Vehicle owner's manual

14 Steps for Changing a Tire
1. Pull off the road as far as possible onto firm, flat ground. If you are on a highway, in the center, emergency lane or there is no flat/firm ground available, it is not safe for you to change the tire yourself. In these scenarios you should call for help.
2. Once your vehicle is parked, have all passengers exit the vehicle and stand as far from traffic as possible.

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3. Ensure the vehicle is in park and engage the emergency brake.
4. Keep the vehicle from rolling by placing wheel wedges behind one of the undamaged tires if you are on an incline or in front of the wheel if your vehicle is facing downhill.
5. If you have a hubcap, remove it.
6. Loosen the lug nuts by using your lug wrench to turn them counter-clockwise. After you have loosened the first one, leave it in place. Skip every other lug nut, working your way around until they are all loose.
7. Jack your car up by sliding the jack under the frame, then pumping or turning it to lift your vehicle. Refer to your vehicle owner's manual to see exactly where to put the jack.
8. Completely remove the lug nuts and put them somewhere for safe keeping.
9. Remove the tire by pulling it straight away from the car.
10. Place the spare tire on the screw prongs with the air valve facing out, ensuring that the screws are lined up to the holes.

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11. Screw the lug nuts on, first by hand, and then tighten them with the lug wrench.
12. Use the jack to lower your vehicle so the tire touches the ground and does not spin, then tighten the lug nuts again in the same pattern you first loosened them.
13. Reinstall the hub cap.
14. Drive to the nearest tire shop.

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